Quite simply, our paint expertise is the foundation of everything we do.

We maintain a collection of over 100 vintage Triumph tanks. Over the years, we’ve cleaned certain areas of each tank, examined the area under the badges, and compared the color variations to historical photographs to determine the exact original colors.

From there, we’ve created a database of colors for every model and year since 1946. We’ve created the exact recipe for every color, and know exactly how these paints were originally applied in layers.

We know exactly how the stripes and scallops resolve themselves on the underside of each tank – something you can’t determine by looking at photos, or even bikes in person.

In other words, if you are looking to have your vintage Triumph exactly match the original paint, look no further. A paint job by Don Hutchinson Cycle is the finest available. We’re happy to paint your tank and fenders at our facility, or sell you the proper paint so you or your local shop can do the work.

Please be aware that due to regulations, we’re unable to ship paint overseas at this time.  Nor are we able to accept paint for return. Also, please forgive us for not being able to share our color formulas with you, as those special formulas are our bread and butter.

All tanks are leak tested free of charge and repaired as necessary. We don’t use sealer, as most sealers fail eventually, and their use causes problems when trying to repair leaks properly later.

Call us at (781) 245-9663 or drop by the shop for an expert consultation, to tour our facility, and to see examples of our work.

Price guidelines are as follows, and include paint & labor costs:

2-Color fuel tank – $800.00
Front fender – $350.00
Rear fender – $350.00
Oil tank – $250.00
Side cover – $200.00 each

Fuel tank – $800.00
Steel side cover – $200.00 each
Fiberglass side cover – $250.00 each

Additional Costs
Bodywork – $70.00 per hour
Knee pad installation – $50.00 per pair
Decal installation under clearcoat – $10.00 each