Gorgeous ’68 Bonneville tank restoration

Our paint shop has been fortunate to enjoy a very busy off-season this year. As a matter of fact, we’ve been painting quite a few tanks for the 1968 Triumph T120R Bonneville – one of our favorites.

Recently, a valued customer came to pick up his tank, and we were able to give him a quick tour of the paint room where we have a number of ’68 tanks in progress.

As part of our extensive collection, we have a pristine NOS ’68 tank which has only seen the light of day one or two times in it’s 45-year lifetime. The color and pattern we use for our customers matches this tank perfectly.

In the first of three photos below, the NOS tank is closest to the camera. Next to that hangs one of two ’68 tanks which have been prepped with a gold base coat over which the Hi-Fi Scarlet is applied. Between those two gold tanks is our customer’s finished tank. Also, note our NOS ’70 Daytona tank in Jacaranda Purple on the shelf in the background.

This tank was prepped extensively prior to applying the Hi-Fi Scarlet, Silver Sheen, and hand-applied gold pinstripe. Before he left with the tank, Hutch made sure the mounting bolt holes on the bottom were properly cleaned out with a tap, and that the bolts fit without issue.

Needless to say, our customer was pretty thrilled by our results and the behind-the-scenes tour.