Getting it right on a ’69 Bonneville – Part III

When we decided to repaint our customer’s 1969 Triumph Bonneville, we figured we just couldn’t waste the existing paint job.  It’s not our paint job, but it’s pretty good, and we’ll make use of it elsewhere.

That said, as we’ve been making some big efforts to restore this bike to factory condition, we decided to source an original tank and fenders for this special bike.

Not that the reproductions are bad.  In fact, they’re very good, fairly inexpensive, and we gladly make them available to our customers.

In this case, we searched our warehouse and located the original components.  One telltale sign of an original fender is the subtly rolled edge, versus the more pronounced edge as seen in the photos below.

These parts have been sandblasted, and now wait in the queue for our famous Don Hutchinson paint job!