Getting it right on a ’69 Bonneville – Part II

We’re continuing to work on our customer’s 1969 Triumph Bonneville.

As we’ve mentioned previously, this bike started as a fine build from a reputable shop.  We’ve been helping to make this bike an even more correct and perfect restoration by applying the correct paint scheme, among other things.

We’ve gone through the bike twice, and swapped out incorrect bolts, nuts, fasteners and other small parts.  Pictured below are a few of the parts we’ve removed and replaced recently, including the crossover pipe and clamps.

The original ’69 Bonneville crossover pipe clamp was a double clamp measuring about 3″ long, and included two bolts on each clamp.  You can see examples of this original clamp on one of our core bikes in the photo below.

Later in 1969 and into 1970, these double clamps were replaced with single clamps.  While high-quality single clamps are readily available, the double clamps simply don’t exist.  We’ve never seen a good-quality reproduction, as those which are available are just not correct – and it shows.

We love our customers, and love helping them make their bike as perfect as possible.  In this case, we were able to find a single set of NOS clamps.  After taking some time to clean the dried masking tape off of them, and shining them up, we installed them on this bike, helping bring this restoration up to snuff.


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