Brand New ’68 Headlamp & Wiring Harness

We’ve got some goodies stashed away in the corners of our shop, and this is one that’s finally going to see the light of day, so we thought we’d share.

Some of these goodies are for sale…some of them are not.  We’ve been saving this all these years for a special project, and we’ve decided to use it on our ’68 TR6R restoration that’s currently underway.

It’s a 1968 Lucas headlamp assembly, complete with wiring harness, window-type ammeter, and horn/dipswitch.  It’s a little musty, and the rubber bands that held some of the wiring have long since hardened.  But it’ll clean up nicely, and we’re looking forward to seeing it put to good use.

And yes, we have more of these and other goodies.  But, to get your hands on one of these, we’d kindly ask that you buy a bike from us we can include it on….maybe the ’67 or ’70 Bonnevilles that are on deck.